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2017 Slava Cup: Birthday Present By David Bird

By David Bird • 26 February, 2017

In my piece in yesterday’s bulletin, I described the notion of a nett swing. That’s when you have a chance to gain IMPs but …

Mistakes in the bidding: Unsound penalty doubles

By David Bird • 27 September, 2016

52 bridge mistakes to avoid

Judging whether to make a penalty double is not as easy as you may think. In this article we will look at some unsuccessful penalty doubles and …

Entry Management By David Bird, Tim Bourke

By David Bird • 16 November, 2015

entry management

Entry management ensures that you are in the right hand at the right time and is an important part of planning the play of a hand.

Bridge & Humor: Bridge in the Vicarage by David Bird

By David Bird • 10 November, 2015

Celestial card play

The first David Bird story featuring the monks of St Titus appeared in Bridge Magazine in June 1978.

A Subtle Avoidance Play by David Bird

By David Bird • 22 September, 2015


Almost every issue of International Popular Bridge includes an article by David Bird featuring some bridge in darkest Africa.

Creating an imaginary loser by David Bird

By David Bird • 30 July, 2015

David Bird

Persuading a defender that he can defeat the contract by grabbing a winner can produce bushels of points.

Reading the Cards: Clues From the Bidding

By David Bird • 27 May, 2015

Reading the Cards

The basis of all problem solving is processing the data to arrive at a logical conclusion. One of the great novelties, and attractions, of bridge is that the data is not all visible.

Avoiding the Enemy by David Bird

By David Bird • 9 May, 2015


How does bridge today compare with bridge 50 years ago?

Unwanted Extra Baggage by David Bird

By David Bird • 7 October, 2014


This year the 17th Madeira International Bridge Open 2014 will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of November and the total Prize Money amount will be: 18.000€

A Dummy Reversal Example by David Bird

By David Bird • 21 August, 2014


How do you play on a trump lead?