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II WMSG, Lille 2012: BridgeTopics Videos

By Bridgetopics • 7 August, 2012


On a regular daily basis shall transmit videos giving impressions from the playing venue in Lille at the 2nd World Mind Sports Games in interviews with players and personalities of all sports

World Champs Brink & Drijver contratados por Angelini

By Bridgetopics • 24 April, 2012

Francesco Angelini

Bermuda Bowl winners of Veldhoven 2011 – will play for…

How to choose the National Team? Part 2

By Bridgetopics • 14 April, 2012


If you didnt read Part I, you will find a link in the article.

How to Choose the National Team Part I

By Bridgetopics • 11 April, 2012


Christian Vennerød is non-playing captain of the open bridge team of Norway and at the same time…