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Zia Cuebids

By Bridgeguys • 16 January, 2016

Bob Hamman & Zia Mahmood

This is a fake cuebid and has only one purpose.

Conventions: GAR

By Bridgeguys • 27 July, 2014

Convencion GAR

GAR is a relay mechanism to get shape.

Conventions: Two Under Transfer Preempt

By Bridgeguys • 11 February, 2014

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

This method was devised by Mr. Marty Bergen together with Mr. Larry Cohen and the convention uses a Preemptive Opening as

The Kickback Convention

By Bridgeguys • 25 April, 2013

Jeff Rubens

The concept is also a result of an application called U.S.P., or Useful Space Principle. Photo: Jeff Rubens.

Gerber Convention

By Bridgeguys • 12 March, 2013


Gerber uses 4 Clubs to ask the number of held Aces.

Romex Bidding System

By Bridgeguys • 12 March, 2013

George Rosenkranz

Bidding system developed by George Rosenkranz & Phillip Alder.

Ingberman Convention

By Bridgeguys • 1 March, 2013

Ingberman Convention

After a reverse how the responder communicates he has insufficient values to guarantee game