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BBO: Hamman & the USBF Juniors

By BBO • 2 March, 2017

On Monday, March 6, at 7 PM US Eastern Time (2 AM Central European Time), Bob Hamman and the USBF Juniors will play a 15-board team match on BBO.

New Home Page for BBO

By BBO • 20 January, 2016

Nuevo BBO

BBO Home page completely redesigned, check it out at!

Mandatory Falsecarding

By BBO • 15 October, 2013

BBO Forums

Source: BBO News
This article is meant as a repository of mandatory and semi-mandatory falsecards. This is an area where most intermediate-advanced players can benefit …

Conventions: What's the Gazzilli?

By BBO • 12 October, 2013

What's the Gazzilli

Gazilli is more a "concept" rather than a welldefined convention: just as well as there are as many forms of Stayman (or Checkback, or whatever) as the number of bridge players, every pair plays a customized version of Gazzilli

Doubles by Roger Lee Part 1

By BBO • 17 July, 2013

Roger Lee

This lesson is for intermediate-advanced level. In many cases, this is going to fly against what old-fashioned textbooks about bridge have to say.

Why Juniors Play Bridge

By BBO • 24 April, 2013

Junior Bridge 1

Last year BBO started giving free robots to all players aged less than 26 years. Clubs, teachers, NBOs sent…

Chat with Fred – March 1st 3PM

By BBO • 27 February, 2013

Fred Gitelman charla

Looking forward to seeing everyone on March 1st!

BBO: Sport Accord World Mind Games On-Line Event

By BBO • 29 August, 2012


Megaprize #1: All expenses paid trip to China for 1 lucky player who did well in select tournaments in September. Megaprize #2…

BBO Version 1.47L released

By BBO • 17 May, 2012


Now you can compare your play with the best players in the world.

Interview with Bob Hamman

By BBO • 16 May, 2012

Bob Hamman and Justin Lall

Member of USBC 2012 Winner – Team Nickell. Photo: Hamman-Lall the new partnership