A 2014 Palace Cup Grand Slam

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Consider this Grand slam that helped the winner partnership to overcome the remaining pairs.

By Ana Roth
On 30 August, 2014 At 18:10

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Source: Bridge24.pl

On August 26-29, 2014 at the Centrum Konferencyjno-Wystawiennicze “Pałac Prymasowski” in Warsaw, with the support of Casino Palace and Bridge24.pl, was held the 2014 “Palace Cup” tournament.Palace Cup

The main event, was played on August 27-29, and it was an invitational tournament TOP-16 played by many of the most famous world stars: Balicki, Bertheau, Bessis, Brink, Buras, Drijver, Dubinin, Gromov, Kwiecień, Muller, Narkiewicz, Nystrom, Pszczoła, de Wijs, Zia, Bilde…etc.

Finally Jacek Kalita-Michał Nowosadzki won the event and the $ 10,000 first prize.

Consider this Grand slam that helped the winner partnership to overcome the remaining pairs.

2014 Palace Cup Board 58 1  
West North East South
Kalita Bilde Nowosadzki Mahmood
1 3 3 4
Double Pass 5 Pass
5 Pass 5 Pass
7 The End    


 After Kalita’s 1 opening bid, Bilde preemted with a 3 call. Nowosadzki begun to describe his hand showing his heart suit, with no spade support.

Mahmood occupied more bidding space with 4 and Kalita doubled informing about his extras, no heart support, diamond values and proposing a possible defense. After Bilde’s Pass, East decided to show slam prospects showing his club suit.

Kalita showed his club support with a diamond cue bid and after Nowosadzki’s heart cue bid, Kalita declared the Grand Slam. 2014 Palace Cup Board 58 2

Lead: 2 and declarer claimed 13 tricks.

These were the different contracts played in the other tables, only one pair arrived to a best contract: 7NT, but they were playing IMPs converted to VP.

This is the hand analysis by DeepFinesse:

2014 Palace Cup Board 58


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