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Continue or switch? By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 3 March, 2017

When leading from an honor sequence, standard practice is to start with the highest honor. When following third hand, however, it is best to play the lowest of touching cards.

Blackwood on Bridge By Easley Blackwood

By Ana Roth • 3 March, 2017

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The big problem in the play of many hands is that of deciding which suit to work on to establish your tricks. There are many factors to consider in making your choice.

Their weak spot By A. Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 3 March, 2017

When the opponents bid three suits but never suggest NT you may usually assume; that the unbid suit is their weak spot.

Protective Bidding Part II By Michael Byrne

By Ana Roth • 3 March, 2017

IN the last article I started looking at protective bidding, which is effectively ‘defensive bidding’ that occurs in the passout seat when you have a decision to make:

Attacking the Danger Hand by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 3 March, 2017

On many no trump hands declarer has to force out two defensive winners before he can run his tricks. It may be essential to force out those winners in the right order.