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Bridge & Humor: Surgeons vs Bridge Players

By Ana Roth • 29 December, 2016

Duplicate bridge in a club or tournament is considered a competitive sport, it will probably scare all the novices away from the tournament, but this story is often told by duplicate players:

A snare and a delusion By Steve Becker

By Ana Roth • 29 December, 2016

Let’s say you’re declarer at six hearts and West leads the king of spades. How should you play the hand?

Silence is Golden By Alfred Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 29 December, 2016

Some people have a great talent for speaking when they should keep quiet. Perhaps this happens only at the bridge table.

IMP Test

By Ana Roth • 29 December, 2016

Tune up by trying your hand at these real life problems. There are plenty of IMPs at stake!

Back to the Basics By Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 28 December, 2016

As most of you know by now, I play and/or watch a lot of bridge hands. I am constantly astounded by those who play this game and either don’t know or consistently ignore a….

Thinking Over “The Expert Game” By Jean Besse

By Ana Roth • 28 December, 2016

In the Foreword of one of his books: The Expert Game, Terence Reese states that he is ” aiming to present a lesson in practical play, not an exercise in double dummy.”

Bridge & Humor: Bombs Spurred Bridge Interest

By Ana Roth • 27 December, 2016

Alan Truscott learned to play bridge in an English bomb shelter. It was 1941, he was 15 and German bombers …

Red Light By Mike Lawrence

By Mike Lawrence • 27 December, 2016

I spotted this particular defensive play some time ago and have been waiting for the opportunity to use it.

Recurring headaches – part 6 By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 27 December, 2016

Defenders may sometimes feel trapped in a dilemma: Should they “do something” and try to “find” partner’s length and strength, or should….

Win at Bridge By Oswald Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 27 December, 2016


As North put down his hand s dummy he remarked. “Well partner, you sure trapped me beautifully. You couldn’t act over….