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Recurring headaches – part 1 By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 29 November, 2016

Augie Boehm

By choice, I spend most of my bridge hours teaching rather than at the table. Accordingly, I feel I’ve become attuned to the problems advancing players regularly face, and in this new series, I will …

Take All Your Chances, No.5 By Eddie Kantar

By Eddie Kantar • 29 November, 2016

Eddie Kantar ping pong

You open 2S, weak, in first seat. West passes, partner bids 4S, everyone passes and West leads the …

You’re invited to Italy

By ACBL • 29 November, 2016


Then there is the invitation he extended to bridge players throughout the world – to attend the 8th Open European Championships scheduled for June 10-24 in Montecatini, Italy.

Orlando 2016: Day 5

By ACBL • 29 November, 2016


Winners of the Mitchell Open BAM teams seated Alon Birman – Jacek Kalita- Michal Nowosadzki standing Dror Padon- Stan Tulin and Kevin Dwyer