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Significance of a Slam Double

By Ana Roth • 26 November, 2016


When you play against a good pair and they voluntarily bid a slam, only rarely will they finish with less than eleven tricks. You will, therefore …

Take All Your Chances, No.2 By Eddie Kantar

By Eddie Kantar • 26 November, 2016

'Doctor, you amputated the wrong leg!'

With both sides vulnerable, you open 1H in fourth seat, West doubles, partner finds a redouble, East coughs up 1S, and

Take All Your Chances, No.1 By Eddie Kantar

By Eddie Kantar • 26 November, 2016

Eddie Kantar

You open 1 spade and partner responds 2NT (game-forcing raise). You have confidence in your Blackwood methods and …

Orlando 2016: Day 2

By ACBL • 26 November, 2016


Eythorsdottir, Becker lead Nail LM Pairs: Hjordis (Disa) Eythorsdottir and R. Jay Becker will start play today in the Nail Life Master with a carryover lead of about a half board on a top of 64.

Muzzy Plays Third Hand High –Some, Usually at Wrong Time By Easley Blackwood

By Ana Roth • 26 November, 2016


Miss Brash’s gambling three no trump bid should have been defeated. The defenders could have won the first five tricks in the heart suit. But Mr. Muzzy …