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Yeh Online Bridge World Cup 2016 Day 1

By Ana Roth • 31 October, 2016

Today Bill Gates posted in his facebook page:….All bridge players hope his dream come true!!!

Bridge & Humor: In general, and in particular By Oren Lidor

By Ana Roth • 31 October, 2016


Moses is 95 years old and still functioning! He goes to the swimming pool every morning, he shops by himself, still drives his car and… plays bridge once a week with

The impossible 2 Spades By Billy Miller

By ACBL • 31 October, 2016

What could be more fun than having a cool gizmo or gadget come up at the bridge table? Whatever level of your partnership, it is so much fun to have an…

The Hidden Dummy By Mel Colchamiro

By Mel Colchamiro • 31 October, 2016

Mel Colchamiro

Most players learn early on that a way to make extra tricks is to “ruff losers in the dummy.” For example, if we have a trump suit consisting of