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One of the Top 10 defenses of all time By Phillip Alder.

By Phillip Alder • 26 October, 2016


Sitting East and West were Jeremy Flint and Jonathan Cansino, two of England’s best-ever players.

The Perils of the top of doubleton lead By Andrew Robson

By Andrew Robson • 26 October, 2016

andrew robson 2

Do you like leading from a doubleton (vs a suit contract)? Generally speaking, I do not.

Test yourself By Eddie Kantar

By Eddie Kantar • 26 October, 2016

Eddie Kantar

1) You are West. Select a lead from each of the following hands, against this auction:

Puppet in Puppet (Muppet) By Bill Jacobs

By Ana Roth • 26 October, 2016


Partner bids a strong 2NT, and you have a moderate hand with 5 spades and 4 hearts. This shape has always been a bugbear: it seems impossible to construct a method that allows a choice between 3NT, 4H and 4S.