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3NT Success Contracts By Gordon bower

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2016

Gordon Bower

Relationship between success of 3NT contracts and how HCP are split between declarer and dummy

Overcalls By Joan Butts

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2016

Bob Hamman and Justin Lall

WHEN teaching the topic of overcalls, and points required for making them, it’s good to highlight the difference between the one-level, eg …

Vanderbilt 2016 – Final by Maurizio Di Sacco

By Maurizio Di Sacco • 31 March, 2016


Both teams changed line-up: for LAVAZZA, Duboin-Zia took over for Bianchedi-Madala, for CAYNE Sementa-Tokay replaced Lauria-Versace. The two fresh pairs faced each other in the Open Room

Bungle In The Jungle By Ron Klinger

By Ron Klinger • 31 March, 2016

Ron Klinger

How do you play doubles at game level or higher? Purely for penalties? Showing…

Test: Setting Trick I

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2016

bridge cartoon nariz larga

Partner leads H9, likely top of 3 small, since she has raised hearts. You win…