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Count Cards to Find Queen by Alfred Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2016

Alfred Sheinwold

If you were playing today’s hand at seven notrump you wouldn’t know which opponent had the queen of clubs.

Using Information by Andrew Gumperz

By Andrew Gumperz • 29 January, 2016

Andrew Gumperz

Bridge players are experts at interpeting information. We interpret information every time we count out a hand.

Overtricks Matter at Pairs by Bernard Magee

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2016

Bernard Magee

It can be difficult to persuade players of the importance of overtricks when playing Duplicate Pairs (normal club bridge). It is often just as important to make an overtrick as…

Heather Dhondy Says Undertricks Matter at Pairs

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2016

heather dhondy

At matchpoint pairs, it can matter not just whether you defeat the contract but by how much.

Several Seconds late by Ted Horning

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2016

Ted Horning

South was a swinger type of player. He bid with abandon and played similarly, but, one must admit, had style.

Bridge & Humor: Great game of Golf and the Bridge Expert

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2016

John Wheeler

“The doctor says I need more exercise so I am going to take up golf,” remarked Ely Culbertson, the great bridge expert. Photo: John Wheeler