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Overcalls Against Strong 2 Club Openings by Paul Lavings

By Paul Lavings • 20 January, 2016

Paul Lavings and Keiran Dyke

Try this quiz at nil vulnerable.

Littlest Finesse on World by Charles Goren

By Charles Goren • 20 January, 2016

Charles Goren

Among other things, it illustrates how a good player pays attention to all the spot cards as they fall.

More Tips from Bernard Magee

By Bernard Magee • 20 January, 2016

Tips for Better Bridge Bernard Magee

Disguise a strong suit with extra potential

WBF Free Seminars

By WBF • 20 January, 2016


The first one is planned for the Confederation Sudamericana de Bridge (CSB, Zone 3: Southamerican Bridge Confederation) and will be held in Medellin, Colombia, in May 2016 during the Southamerican Bridge Championships.

New Home Page for BBO

By BBO • 20 January, 2016

Nuevo BBO

BBO Home page completely redesigned, check it out at!

Bridge by Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 20 January, 2016

You can play bridge Phillip Alder

Well, the French enjoy their wine, but I doubt a glass or two -or more – would have helped any one to solve this problem from Le Bridgeur magazine some 20 years ago.

Employing the Losing Trick Count

By Ana Roth • 20 January, 2016

Gene Benedict

When you have a distributional hand and your partner has supported one of your suits, the Losing Trick Count is the best way to evaluate the trick taking potential of your hand.