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Bridge Tips with Tannah Hirsch & Bob Jones

By Ana Roth • 16 January, 2016


There is a large group of bridge players who believe that, should you be on lead against a suit contract and ….

Bridge & Humor: Smoke

By Ana Roth • 16 January, 2016

Bridge cartoon humo

A bridge player would understand why my mother, Martha Manning, and six other players refused to give up their games and …

Keep What Partner Can’t by Julian Pottage

By Julian Pottage • 16 January, 2016

Why you Still Lose at bridge

Having to make a discard can be hard. Throwing the wrong thing may give declarer an extra winner. If you …

Zia Cuebids

By Bridgeguys • 16 January, 2016

Bob Hamman & Zia Mahmood

This is a fake cuebid and has only one purpose.

In no-trump you should aim to play on…by Liz Mcgowan

By Liz Mcgowan • 16 January, 2016


SOMETIMES defenders attack in a weak spot. This may mean you have to abandon Plan A, and adopt countermeasures instead. Can you find an effective plan B here?