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Painful Things by Ted Horning

By Ana Roth • 15 January, 2016

Ted Horning

Life in the wrong contract can be a most uncomfortable experience. If one adds a terrible trump division, it …

Keep Your Opponents Guessing

By Ana Roth • 15 January, 2016

Gene Benedict

Some hands look deceptively simple, but it is easy to overlook a precaution.

The Value of a Hand

By Ana Roth • 15 January, 2016

Aubrey Strul & Mike Becker, photo by Peg Kaplan

The value of a hand is often greatly affected by bids the other players make, and a good part of what is called bidding skill rests

Harmony on Defense by Steve Becker

By Ana Roth • 15 January, 2016

Steve Becker

It is one thing to know how to execute an endplay if you are the declarer, but knowing how to avoid one as a defender is an entirely different matter.

Two Robert Berthe's Spectacular Hands by JC Quantin

By FrenchFederation • 15 January, 2016

Robert Berthe

Jean-Christophe Quantin, is not far from thinking that owes its success partly due to the reading of "Step by Step" by Robert Berthe.