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Bridge Road Warriors 2016: Winter Edition #1

By Jade Barrett • 12 January, 2016

Jade Barrett + bandit

The beginning of our 6 weeks on the road comes complete with a sudden and heavy snow, coupled with high winds and ultra low temperatures.

Bridge & Humor: Gratz Scott’s Stories by Ely Culbertson

By Ana Roth • 12 January, 2016

Bridge cartoon bridge explained

It is possible that Gratz Scott’s untimely death was hastened by the following harrowing experience:

A Sickening Reality For Mr. Syker

By Ana Roth • 12 January, 2016

cartoon Palomas

Mr. Pigeon, sitting West for a change, made a takeout double of Mr. Syker’s opening bid on board seven in the special winner’s game, then sat back expectantly to hear his partner’s response