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Reading the Cards by Ely Culbertson

By Ana Roth • 6 January, 2016


Time spent in the study of the fall of the cards and the probable distribution as revealed in the bidding and play frequently results in the making of contracts which to the superficial view appear beset with insuperable obstacles.

Famous Hand by Steve Becker

By Ana Roth • 6 January, 2016

Josephine Culbertson

So much emphasis is been placed on high card point count that the role of distribution all too often is given a back seat in the evaluation of a hand.

Entry Management by Frank Stewart

By Frank Stewart • 6 January, 2016

Frank Stewart 10

This week’s deals have treated declarer’s entry management. You can test your play by covering today’s East-West cards.

Conventions: Mixed Raises Part 1

By Ana Roth • 6 January, 2016

dan  y steve weinstein

Mixed Raises Part 1: How to Bid and Defend Against Them