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Conventions: Kokish Relay

By Eric Kokish • 23 November, 2015

peg 6

If you don’t play the Kokish Relay yet, it is a very useful add-on tool for your strong 2 clubs opening at little cost. Here is the gist of it:

The Night of the Stars by Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 23 November, 2015

Night of the Stars

The Night of the Stars charity Bridge Pro Am will take place in London on Thursday 25 February 2016.

A Famous Hand by Goren & Sharif

By Charles Goren • 23 November, 2015


She was nondescript, almost mousey looking. But when she talked about bridge a light came into the eyes of the Five of Hearts that made her almost beautiful.

Book hand with a surprise ending by Oswald Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 23 November, 2015

John Crawford

Here is one of those so-called “book hands” with a surprise ending.

Squeeze: Pincer Play has Drama

By Ana Roth • 23 November, 2015

bridge cartoon squeeze

Squeeze is Closely Akin to Story With Sleuth Searching for Clews.