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Discovery Technique by Alfred Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 18 November, 2015

Alfred Sheinwold

How would you play this hand?” Queen Isabella asked, almost 500 years ago.

Card Perfect Defense by Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 18 November, 2015


Giorgio Belladonna died of lung cancer in his home city of Rome on Friday, May 12 1995. As we won’t be seeing any more great play from the Italian superstar, I want to show you one of his best ever defensive performances.

Dont Rush to take Finesses

By Dave Huggett • 18 November, 2015

Dave Huggett

It takes a new player ages to gain the confidence to take a finesse for the first time but, once the habit kicks in, it can become an obsession.

Watch Those Entries by Omar Sharif

By Ana Roth • 18 November, 2015

Omar Sharif and Eric Rodwell

Sometimes more than one approach is needed to land your contract.

Intermediates aren’t Alike

By Ana Roth • 18 November, 2015


Here’s another deal from Freddie Sheinwold’s Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles Number 6…

Bridge & Humor: Bridge Player Leaves Home by Ely Culbertson

By Ana Roth • 18 November, 2015

bridge cartoon 1

It has always surprised me when bridge players carried their disagreements beyond the point of the difference in opinions.