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Technical terms by Ely Culbertson

By Ana Roth • 17 November, 2015

culbertson radio bridge

There is probably no game which has so loose and incorrect a terminology as bridge. One reason for this …

Bridge & Humor: Ruefel Rabbit Wins Impossible Slam

By Victor Mollo • 17 November, 2015


The hand of the day is from a new book by the English author, Victor Mollo, a bridge writer of wide repute who belongs to a fictitious bridge club called the Griffins.

Probabilities by John Brown

By Ana Roth • 17 November, 2015

The Red Book on Play

The percentages given below have been taken from Mr. Ely Culbertson’s : The Red Book on Play

Safety Plays by Mike Graham

By Ana Roth • 17 November, 2015


In this article Mike explains how to play various suit combinations to best effect, bearing in mind the difference between pairs and teams play.