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The Trump Coup by Andrew Robson

By Andrew Robson • 12 November, 2015


In order to reach the desired ending, you must have the same number of trumps as East, and…

How many trump tricks? by Charles Goren

By Charles Goren • 12 November, 2015

Charles Goren

How many trump tricks do you think West can take at a contract of two spades? One, perhaps two?

Hand Evaluation – Trump ( Simple Major Raises ) by Bob Crosby

By Bob Crosby • 12 November, 2015

Bob Crosby

Ambiguity is the killer of any language , the language of Bidding being no exception. In a language, having a word with two different meanings causes confusion.

Should I Pre-empt or Open at a Lower Level? by Julian Pottage

By Julian Pottage • 12 November, 2015

Why you Still Lose at bridge

If you open at the three level or higher, you make life harder for the opposition than you do opening at the one level.

The 14th European Champions’ Cup is underway

By EBL • 12 November, 2015

European Champions cup

The 14th European Champions’ Cup is underway at the Horwood House Hotel, Milton Keynes – England.