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Investing Wisely

By Ana Roth • 4 November, 2015

The expert game

Playing rubber bridge recently with a partner of this type I was sitting East when we held at game all:

Bridge Road Warriors 2015: Fall Edition #2

By GS Jade Barrett • 4 November, 2015

Jade Barrett

Venice’s canals are romantic, but less so when the Piazza San Marco is one of them.

Bridge players never get bored by Susanna Gross

By Ana Roth • 4 November, 2015

Susanna Gross and Neil Pearson

Here’s an extraordinary deal that has had everyone chattering from Warsaw to London and back again.

How to play bridge by Zia Mahmood

By Zia Mahmood • 4 November, 2015

Zia mahmood 1000

Yet many bridge players in the course of an auction stray unheeding into a zone where …

Pre-empting Today Part II by Brian Senior

By Ana Roth • 4 November, 2015

West Midlands A (Justin Jason & Paul Hackett, Anita Sinclair, Brian Senior) - winners of the NICKO

If we are to pre-empt so much more aggressively than in the past, we should look at our responsive methods.

Penality – the unit of measuring doubles Part III by Lucasz Slawinski

By Ana Roth • 4 November, 2015


The penality is calculated from the bidding with the acronym: LIAR TSAR