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Wroclaw 2016: The 2016 World Bridge Games

By WBF • 1 November, 2015

Wroclaw 2015

he 2016 World Bridge Games will be staged in Wroclaw, Poland, from 3rd – 17th September at the magnificent Hala Stulecia, or Centennial Hall

8th European Small Federations Games

By EBL • 1 November, 2015


Estonia is the 2015 Champion: Maaripu Jaanos, Oja Olavi, Maksim Karpov, Tiit Laanemae, Vassili Levenko and Sven Sester.

Paris 2015; 2nd Youth Paris Open Bridge: France C Wins

By FrenchFederation • 1 November, 2015

France C

France C is the 2015 Champion Raphael Basler; Luc Bellicaud; Théo Guillemin; Arthur Boulin: François Beugin; Melic Dufrêne

Penality – the unit of measuring doubles Part I by Lucasz Slawinski

By Ana Roth • 1 November, 2015


Chaos and primitivism reign in the area of doubling. The meanings of doubles are defined in far too simplistic manner compared with …

1977 Bermuda Bowl: Some Deals From The Wild Set

By Ana Roth • 1 November, 2015

Kantar Eisenberg

The first 16 deals of, Thursday evening’s session, included slam after slam, and interest in the vu-graph was at fever pitch.

At sixes and sevens By Richard Cummings

By Ana Roth • 1 November, 2015

Richard J. Cummings

A couple of hands from Sydney where those apparently innocuous spot cards, the 6s and the 7s, played a key role.

Seven Card Suits Should be Trumps by David Gold

By Ana Roth • 1 November, 2015

David Gold

I firmly believe in `seven-card suits should be trumps.’ You will almost never lose control when