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Opatija 2015: Put Yourself to the Test II

By WBF • 1 September, 2015

bridge quiz

A Potpourri of Problems from Bulletin 3

Finesse hound

By Ana Roth • 1 September, 2015

Cartoon Bridge finesse

Hand Shown Below Depicts Angles That Will Please Finesse Hound.

A Necessary False Card Play by Oswald Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 1 September, 2015

Los ganandores del año 1945 (sentados) Theodore Lightner, Edward Hymes; (parados) Sam Fry, Oswald Jacoby, Howard Schenken

False-carding is a delicate part of defensive play, but it should usually not be attempted by the novice, since…

Excellent Card Play by Alan Sontag

By Ana Roth • 1 September, 2015

Alan Sontag por Peg Kaplan

In todays hand, South overbid by at least a queen but made up for it by excellent card play.

Bridge & Humor: Bridge has Funny Side

By Ana Roth • 1 September, 2015

cartoon Schulz ingles

History of game shows court Jester was its inventor.