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Losing a Trick Wins the Game by Victor Mollo

By Victor Mollo • 22 April, 2015

Bridge Saga

BY ‘SELECTING the best of the columns that he wrote for a leading London daily, Victor Mollo has attempted to paint a picture of the development of bridge in recent decades (“Bridge Saga” by Victor Mollo Hart Publishing)

How to Compete over the Forcing 1NT Bid By Neil H. Timm

By Neil H. Timm • 22 April, 2015

Neil Timm

Using the 2/1 convention, after a major opening the opponents bid 1NT and announce the bid as forcing. How do you compete?

Conventions: Transfer Advances Part I by Marc Smith

By Ana Roth • 22 April, 2015

Marc Smith

Most of you play them in no-trump sequences, so you understand the concept. As you know, transfers allow you to describe many more hand types than do natural methods.