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Redemption Song by Eric Kokish

By Eric Kokish • 31 January, 2015

Eric kokish Fernando Lema

Adversity lurks at every turn. Even an optimist like you knows that there are deals that go badly from the start and get progressively worse.

The Mother of All Hands by Franco Broccoli

By Ana Roth • 31 January, 2015

Alfredo Versace

Best Bidding? Best Play? Or the Best Show In Town? The Mother of All Hands

Coping with the Unlikely by Alan Truscott

By Ana Roth • 30 January, 2015

Alan Truscott

Suppose that the author of a comprehensive guide to bidding theory decided, for some strange reason, to …

Study those Early Discards by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 30 January, 2015

Terence Reese

My advice is to study the early discards and consider this point:

Ireland: National Mens and Womens Teams 2015

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2015

CBAI 2015 champions

The National Mens and Womens Pairs and Teams were held last weekend in…All the results and photos…

WBF: Updated Master Points Rankings

By WBF • 29 January, 2015

nro 1 ranking

The latest WBF Master Point rankings have been published in the WBF Master Points Player History Site. The Masterpoint information from the Championships in Sanya 2014 has been added.

WBF 2015: Headline News

By WBF • 29 January, 2015

Al Levy (WBF Executive Vice President), K R Ramamurthy (President, Indian Bridge Federation, Gianarrigo Rona (WBF President), Marc de Pauw (WBF Treasurer) and Ernesto d'Orsi (WBF Past President)

The 42nd World Bridge Team Championships and the 10th World Transnational Open Teams Championship will be held at ….

4th World Youth Bridge Open Championship

By WBF • 29 January, 2015


20th – 29th August 2015; Organised by the World Bridge Federation In cooperation with the Croatian Bridge Federation & Opatija Bridge Association

A renewed Zaleski for the 2015 NABCs by Fernando Lema

By ferlema • 29 January, 2015

Mustafa Cem tokay and Antonio Sementa

Yesterday the International Master Mustafa Cem Tokay confirmed that…Photo: Tokay-Sementa

Hand Evaluation: Destructive Bidding by Bob Crosby

By Bob Crosby • 28 January, 2015

Bob Crosby

There are two ways or philosophies ( if you will ) to play IMPS . One is constructive , the other destructive.