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Monaco Cavendish 2014: A Poker Bid by a Poker Star

By Ana Roth • 3 September, 2014

Gus Hansen 1

Let’s see what happened in one of the boards that Gus decided to spice up with a little of poker …

A Fancy Play that Actually Happened by Zia Mahmood

By Zia Mahmood • 3 September, 2014

Heather Dhondy 1

“These fancy plays that we read about in books – they don’t ever come up at the table, do they?” Photo: Heather Dhondy

Partscore Points by Rixi Markus

By Ana Roth • 3 September, 2014

Rixi Markus

Many bridge players and writers think that only the games and slams are important, but I find that many small hands can bring in useful points.