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2013 World Wide Bridge Contest: Board 8 & 9

By Eric Kokish • 2 April, 2014

Eric Kokish Rodwell Weinstein Meckstroth

Two boards played in the World Wide Bridge Contest 2013, explained by the actual best bridge coach: Eric Kokish. Photo: Eric and team after winning the Vanderbilt 2014 Trophy

50th Montegrotto Bridge Festival 2014

By Simon Fellus • 2 April, 2014

Breno Team

Victory was for the team Breno just for 0.6 V.P. Congratulations to the winners : Romain Zaleski , Maurizio Pattacini , Massimo Lanzarotti and Andrea Manno

Italy: Free Course of Bridge for Under 35

By Simon Fellus • 2 April, 2014

cursos_jovenes (1)

Final applause for the winners Santolamazza-Berardi followed by Darui-Quaresma and Cornali-Comitangelo in NS, and Rogani-Laurendi followed by Augello B.-Augello D. and Cantarella-Castellacci in EW.