2014 Camrose: More Boards from the 2nd Weekend

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The first 16 boards set finished Ireland: 31-England 26. Photo: Bakhshi in Antalya

By Ana Roth
On 8 March, 2014 At 14:47

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David Bakhshi in Antalya
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March 8th, 2014

England was leading the 2014 Camrose when they had to play against Ireland. In the first 5 boards Ireland added 30 IMPs, and England only 1 IMP. 

 Board 6

 After East pass, E/W from Ireland, played a heart game, making 12 tricks.

At the other table Bakhshi (ENG) in East passed, so did South and Townsend (ENG) opened 1 = 2+ clubs; clubs or balanced hand. Hamilton competed with 1. Bakhshi showed his heart suit. Townsend showed his heart support with extras with a 2 cue bid. Bakhshi decided to show his non balanced hand with 4 diamonds, and they finished playing the diamond slam. Declarer won the spade lead with the A and draw trumps, ending in dummy.

He led 10, Hamilton covered with his Q, Bakhshi won the trick with his A, played another heart to the 7 and the K. Declarer claimed 12 tricks, the board was a 12 IMPs win for England.

  Board 7

 In one of the tables Ireland arrived to the 4 contract (good result) and finished with a +420 score.

 At the other table Bakhshi-Townsend chose to play 3NT with East as declarer.

Ferguson led the 10.

Bakhshi won the trick in his hand and played his K. South won with the A and returned another diamond, declarer won in his hand. He continued with a heart to the Q, K. North returned another diamond.

Bakhshi won with dummy’s Q and played the A. This was the actual position:

Hamilton threw a spade, declarer a small club and Ferguson, a little uncomfortable played the 10. Bakhshi went to his hand with a small heart to his A, and played a heart, South was endplayed. He played his Q, and a club beneath his queen gave declarer his 9th trick.

The board gave 1IMP to Ireland. The first 16 boards set finished Ireland: 32-England 26.

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