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Rule of 2-4-3

By Ana Roth • 31 October, 2013

Ken Rexford

Partner opens in a major, you have support, and you love your hand so much that slam is being considered. How do you share this great news?

Who has the Queen? Part V by Frank Stewart

By Ana Roth • 31 October, 2013

Frank Stewart

Test your queen-placing in the following problems.

Convention: WHIRLWIND Part I by GS Jade Barrett

By GS Jade Barrett • 30 October, 2013

GS Jade Barret

Invented by GS Jade Barrett June 1991, this has proven to be a very successful Strong Club Defense.

Conventions: Inverted Minors, Criss Cross, and Flip-Flop

By Neil H. Timm • 30 October, 2013

Inverted Minors, Criss Cross, and Flip-Flop

In 2/1, the Standard American meaning of a single raise and a double raise are “inverted”. Jump raises are weak (and
alerted) and preemptive (five-nine HCP) with…

XYZ, the convention by Bernard Marcoux

By Bernard Marcoux • 30 October, 2013

Bernard Marcoux

Many top players play that convention. Why xyz? What does that mean? Photo: Bernard Marcoux

1st Youth Paris Open Bridge.

By FrenchFederation • 29 October, 2013

1st Youth Paris Open Bridge

To bring young people from various backgrounds who share the same passion, the French Bridge Federation (FFB) established the 1st Youth Paris Open Bridge.

Conventions: Super-Accepts are for the Suit you Cannot Short-Raise

By Ana Roth • 29 October, 2013

Ken Rexford

An auction came up recently with a pickup partner. At the end of the auction, we were at the five-level, mercifully making when the opponents missed cashing an Ace.

Five vs Four

By Ana Roth • 29 October, 2013

cinco vs cuatro

Those who refuse to open the bidding with a four-card major (“five-card majorites”) have become a big majority in the United States. In other countries…

Advance Registration Now Open for Phoenix

By Bridgewinners • 29 October, 2013

NABC Phoenix 300x190

Bridgewinners advance entry purchase for the Phoenix NABC is online!

The Best Played Deal of the Lederer by Zia Mahmood

By Zia Mahmood • 27 October, 2013

Zia Mahmoodederer

The Lederer Memorial Trophy attracts almost all of the country’s top players, together with visitors from abroad. Prizes are awarded for the best played, bid and defended hands of the tournament, and today’s deal caught the eye of the judges.