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Answers to Julian Pottage’s Defence Quiz 109

By Julian Pottage • 10 October, 2012


we hope you have thougth the answers before

My way – Norberto Bocchi’s: No Divorce is Looming

By Neapolitan Club • 10 October, 2012

"Norberto Bocchi"

Bocchi tells us about: Bridge Personality of the Year Award 2012; Rumors and free market..and more..a MUST READ.

BOLS Bridge Tip: Fear the Worst

By Terence Reese • 10 October, 2012

Terence Reese

When opponents bid unexpectedly high, ask yourself if your hand contains any nasty surprises. Photo: Marcelo Lerner, Terence Reese, Eduardo Berisso y Boris Schapiro en el Campeonato Mundial de Bridge, Buenos Aires 1965

Don’t Bid Again After Pre-Empting

By Derek Rimington • 10 October, 2012

Derek Rimington

Playing rubber bridge (or indeed any form of scoring), an opening bid of three or more indicates a hand with a…

Defence Quiz from Mr.Bridge109

By Julian Pottage • 10 October, 2012


YOU are East in the defensive positions below. It is your turn to play. Both sides are using NT: 12-14.

When Should I lead an Ace against a Slam?

By Julian Pottage • 10 October, 2012


I never know whether to lead an ace against a small slam. While I hate doing so in case the king is

Stay low on a misfit

By Stephen Cashmore • 10 October, 2012


Stay low on a misfit probably dates from the earliest years of contract bridge. It is a most useful maxim. By definition, you and your partner do not…