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2012 USBF ELECTION – Nominating Committee Slate

By USBF • 30 September, 2012


Three members of the USBF Board of Directors will be elected to join the Board in 2012. Each will serve a three year term ending January 1, 2016.

Learn to play Minibridge

By Ana Roth • 30 September, 2012


an absolutely free site with interactive Mini Bridge lessons and practice plays.

2012 Italian Clubs Championships

By Ana Roth • 30 September, 2012


Open: Allegra, the 2011 Champion, defeated Reggio Emilia 257 – 162, in the Women Reggio Emilia is the 2012 Champion…Foto:

4NT – Ace Asking, Quantitative, or Take-Out

By Steve Robinson • 29 September, 2012


I asked my expert panel. When is 4NT by you or your partner in competition not asking for key cards?

Competing to 3 Spades

By Steve Robinson • 29 September, 2012


You have five spades and if partner has three spades you have an eight-card spade fit. What does it take to bid 3 spades in competition holding five spades…

What is the minimum needed to invite opposite a 15-17 notrump at matchpoints?

By Steve Robinson • 29 September, 2012

Steve Robinson

The notrump opener is an average declarer. In order to answer this question, I asked some of the country’s best players four questions.

Rebid of Major Showing 6-Card Suit

By Steve Robinson • 29 September, 2012


I asked my expert panel. What do you think of a rebid of 2 spades promising six spades?

2012 Lederer Memorial Trophy

By Ana Roth • 29 September, 2012

Winning Team; Mike Bell, Michael Byrne, Espen Erichsen, Norman Selway , Neil Rosen , Martin Jones.

The famous and prestigious Lederer Memorial Trophy is an annual event for eight invited teams from England and abroad. The event winner was the Holders Team. Photo: Espen Erichsen, Norman Selway, Mike Bell, Michael Byrne, Martin Jones, Neil Rosen.

51st International Bridge Festival – Pula 2012

By Ana Roth • 26 September, 2012

Pula2012 BAM Teams

40 years of tradition and guests from more than 20 countries who come each year prove that this is a tournament worth visiting. Photo: BAM Teams Winners= Breno= Massimo Lanzarotti, Romain Zaleski, Andrea Buratti, Andrea Manno (Italy)

2012 Italian Mixed Teams Cup

By FIGB • 25 September, 2012


The winner is Club Padova-Mario Matteucci (Donatella Aillaud, Luca e Fiorenza Bellussi, Bernardo Biondo e Francesca Di Lembo).